Kids Yoga 6 week term

YogaPupz have a brand new 6 week term of kids yoga starting on Tuesday 4th October – each week will see a new adventure using yoga poses and incorporating breathing and mindfulness.

  • Week 1: Squish the fish adventure 
  • Week 2: Star Wars adventure
  • Week 3: Frozen adventure
  • Week 4: Jungle Book adventure
  • Week 5: Lulu the Lion cub adventure
  • Week 6: Adventure made up by kids 

A lot of children can feel stressed or anxious by change or pressures at school or home and of course puberty & hormone changes.

Kids yoga gives them a physical, mental and emotional outlet to release that pent up stress! Without the competition and fear of feeling inferior to anybody else – everything is encouraged to be done to their own abilities and with regular practise they will see improvements and progression.

In our yoga classes we consistently emphasize on the positives in life and good feelings to help bring in a more positive outlook and lasting uplifting impression on the brain – we talk about our yoga adventure and discuss how it can help us in our everyday lives e.g. being brave.

I feel that kids yoga is much about the emotional development not just the physical development, that is why we always try to talk about and explore our feelings during and at the end of our sessions.

plane pose
Kids yoga can provide benefits for:

  • The Skeleton
  • Developing Joints
  • Flexibility and Balance
  • Respiratory System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Nervous System
  • Hormone Regulations
  • Immune System

As well as stories, adventures and yoga we also like to include some form of mindful activity into the sessions, these help focus the kids and encourage them to concentrate and be creative.

If you would like to join us on our yoga journey then just click the booking link below:

We hope to see you in a class soon


Sarah & The YogaPupz team x

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