Brand New Term

Brand New Term

Good Morning.

Welcome to our first blog post of 2017.

We have some exciting news that we want to share with you about the growth of the team AND we have released our March term times and locations across the North East for Baby Yoga.

We also have some amazing sleepsuits, vests and bibs that you can buy from your local instructor, or from the YogaPupz website – the sleepsuits and vest can be personalised with your babies name:

If you are new to our classes and are unsure about committing to a full 6 week term, please just let us know and we can work with you to try out one session before you pay for the full set of sessions 🐾


We have an amazing team of instructors who are dying to meet you and your baby to start them on their developmental journey:

  • Bev is our Sunderland instructor, she has 2 sons, Layton & Louie and is from the fitness industry having trained as a PT and fitness instructor she decided to move over to working with babies. Since she started with us in September 2016 she has had some amazing feedback for her classes and continues to inspire and entertain everyone in her sessions:

  • Jill is our Washington, Gateshead and Chester-le-Street instructor. She joined us in November 2016 and has gone from strength to strength with most of her classes now having a waiting list. She has a little boy, Harry, who inspired her to leave a job in sales to work with parents and babies who have been in her situation. The feedback we have receveived from Jill’s classes have been outstanding and we know that they will only get better:

  • Mel is our Durham instructor, she joined us in November 2016 and is from an early years background by working with the local children’s centres – she has 4 children and Noah is her youngest. Mel attended toddler yoga sessions with Noah and quickly found that it helped with his development as he was a premature baby – she then decided that she wanted to help pass on that development to other parents and their babies and joined the team.

Sessions will be starting very soon in Durham so if you are interested please let us know where you are and where you would love to see a baby yoga session:


At the end of March, Bev and Jill will be completing their toddler yoga training, meaning that they can accepted babies that are actively crawling all the way to pre-school age.

If you are interested in these sessions then please drop us an email and we will ensure that you are kept updated as soon as the bookings open up.

Lastly, we are super excited to announce that we have been nominated for another award. This time it is with the What’s On 4 Kids website and we are thrilled to have been put forward for our baby activities sessions – we will release further information once voting opens.

We will be keeping you updated with news on classes and progress on a fortnightly basis so watch out for our next newsletter but please don’t hesitate to get in touch at any time as we are here for you 🐾

Until next time

The YogaPupz team

Award winning kids yoga

YogaPupz were nominated for an award under the New Business category at the Amazing Wearside Awards 2016.

On Thursday 29th September we were officially named the winners and we received this amazing trophy along with the title of “Best New Business 2016”

We would like to thank everyone that attends any of our kids yoga classes and we are so grateful for the level of support that we get from everyone.

We work so hard to bring yoga to the children of the North East and we hope that one day our dream of providing accessible yoga & mindfulness sessions to everyone in the region will become reality.

We are always striving to be the best and to provide the best classes we can to children of all ages – from babies, toddlers, kids and teens. We will continue to work hard and keep growing stronger and stronger.

If you would like to find out more on any of our classes then please feel free to visit our website or click the following links HERE for links to book on our current/next courses.

We also come your nursery, school or group so just Contact Us for more information.

If you have experience with children and are interested in joining our team then please get in touch for an informal chat with Sarah, our founder and director.

Thank you again for all of your lovely congratulation comments and support – we are truly grateful ❤️

Sarah & Bev 

What is Yoga?

What is Yoga? Yoga is derived from Sanskrit, which is the ancient language of India. The term itself means Union, Integration and Wholeness – it is used to promote the harmonious collaboration of your mind, body and spirit.

What is yoga
Benefits of Yoga

Yoga’s stretching, strengthening and meditative exercises are beneficial because they require your full attention and focus on the movements, this then discourages your mind from wandering and thinking about unrelated worries.

Using yoga to concentrate the mind and directing it away from distracting matters will have a soothing, settling effect – energy is therefore conserved rather than squandered.

However, yoga cannot be seen as a quick fix. You cannot assume to see immediate results, these will be proportionate to the effort you make when integrating yoga into your weekly (or daily) routine. Through regular practise you will come to know your body which in turn allows you to get in touch with your inner feelings more – this is then a form of mindfulness.

This mindfulness is excellent for promoting calm and control in your busy and stressful life, making it invaluable in keeping your mind, body and spirit happy and glowing.

“When the breath wanders, the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still… Therefore, one should learn to control the breath”

Hathaway Yoga Pradipika

Practising yoga as a group can have extra benefits, it can help to build up your self-confidence.

If you are looking for a yoga class then group sizes of 10-12 are usually perfect, this ensures your paractise is safe and monitored but you still get the benefits of the class all working together in harmony – many times in Teen classes partner work is encouraged, this builds self-confidence, friendships and trust of other people.

What is yoga - Partner Yoga Pose

Yoga for Bedtime

Nowadays it isn’t just the adults who have very busy and stressful schedules, a lot of the time kids and teens feel the pressures of school, extra curricular clubs and demanding friendships/relationships – that’s why yoga is so important in managing those stress levels and promoting a good, long rest during the night.

Sleep fulfills two important functions:

  1. The restoration of energy
  2. The resynchronisation of the body

Sleep deprivation can cause serious consequences when it is left over long periods of time, this could include:

  • Low energy levels
  • Low motivation
  • Poor concentration
  • Poor performance
  • Depression
  • Psychosis (in more extreme cases)

Practising 5-10 minutes of yoga before bedtime can promote good quality sleep. This includes gentle movements, breathing exercises and possibly burning some aromatic oils which can also have calming properties.

It is also said that a warm bath followed by a herbal tea can also promote good quality sleep.

Watch out for our new Kids & Teen yoga classes coming to The Yoga Project in June.

Namastè 🙏🏻

Sarah x

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