Sensory during Baby Yoga

Sensory during Baby Yoga

We love sensory during baby yoga session we include some form of sensory, whether we are using the Pom Poms or lying on the foil blankets – the babies are getting something from it.

Sensory during baby yoga - foil blanket


Sensory play is so important for babies as they’re limited by their mobility and dexterity, but not their ability to interact with the world. Babies can enjoy feeling things, looking at things and smelling things – all of these things that they’re exploring help them to develop mentally.

In our classes we always play relaxing music at the start of the sessions, this lets baby know that they’re in baby yoga and it stimulates their senses ready to relax.

We also blow lots of bubbles during our final relaxation of the session, this is a great way to get babies eyes developing as they follow the falling bubbles.

We also include lovely sensory toys like this monster called Gilly, he is so soft but also smells like candy, as well as having crinkled ears and a hood that you can pull down:

Sensory during baby yoga - monster Gilly
Sensory bags are available to buy in your child’s very own YogaPupz bag, personalised with their name for only ¬£10.

Baby classes this week are:

Monday 10-11am @ The Yoga Project, Castletown

Wednesday 10-11am @ The Millers Inn, Fulwell (includes free tea/coffee)


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