Toddler Yoga is back!

We have released a BRAND NEW term of Toddler Yoga starting after the Easter holidays.

Starting in various locations across the North East – contact us for more information on dates & times.

£30 for 6 week block book to secure your space as limited to 10 in each class.

Toddlers do Yoga naturally – we need to nurture their ability and encourage them to keep it up going forward into childhood and adult life … attending toddler yoga sessions make it fun with parent participation.

During the sessions we also work on all of the following:

  • balance, 
  • breathing,
  • self confidence, 
  • self esteem, 
  • social skills, 
  • strength, 
  • flexibility, 
  • following instructions 
  • concentration and 
  • listening skills.

We don’t expect your toddler to join in with everything in the session – they’re at a stage of exploration so we gently encourage them and use a ‘copy us’ approach … parent participate is key and we love you (mum, dad, gran etc) to join in having fun too (be warned that you may turn into a yoga loving toddler too!)

We incorporate a healthy snack break and a quiet story time at the end of every session – we find these skills really help toddlers with their concentration and listening skills in the future.

If you are interested in joining our waiting list for these toddler sessions then please drop us an email:


Sarah xx

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