Yoga for Autism

Sarah has been working closely with a few children who have been placed on the spectrum, the benefits that she has seen has been extremely overwhelming.

Yoga has so many benefits for all children, but in particular children who have been placed on the spectrum, here are some but not all:

- Reduction of pain.

- Reduction of aggression.

- Reduction of obsessive and self-stimulatory behaviours.

- Reduction of anxiety.

- More control in regulating anxiety and emotions.

- The joy of sharing classes with others and making new friends.

- Building of social skills, awareness and reduction of social anxiety.

- An Increase in confidence and self esteem.

- Improves fine motor skills

- Improves spacial awareness.

- Improves muscle tone.

- Improves strength.

- Improves flexibility.

- Improves balance & co-ordination.

- Improves Neuro-sensory Integration and coordination.

- Improves respiratory ability and capacity.

- Promotes calmness and peace of mind.

- Improves spine and organ health.

- Improves head, neck and upper trunk control

- Improves self-awareness (both body & mind).

- Developing the ability to self regulate across environments and demands.

- Developing ability to relax and release tension, fear & frustration.

- Reducing stress reaction and improve resilience.

- Improves both quality and quantity of sleep.

- Improves respiratory ability and capacity.

- Improves immune function.

- Improves focus & concentration.

- Enhances a sense of emotional balance.

- Helps them to express their emotions more effectively.

- Find their personal freedom.

- Live longer! 🙂

Why not come along to a session soon and see what you think, as with anything regular practise is recommended to see any kind of results.

I can also arrange 1:1 sessions in your own home or can organise coming into your child's schools on a weekly basis - just contact me for an informal chat 07756394542


Sarah xx

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