Baby Yoga

First of all, our Baby yoga classes are designed with both you and your baby in mind, as a result the classes incorporate traditional yoga poses combined with songs and rhymes.

As a result the classes are fun and engaging for everyone involved.

We almost always incorporate EYFS and ensure that everyone has a chance to relax at the end of every single session.

Usually our baby sessions end with the babies being mesmerised by bubbles!

Some of the benefits our classes can offer are:
  • Health and physical development.
  • Fitness and mental agility.
  • Family bonding and personal skills.
  • Can aid in illness prevention.
  • Developed in line with Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS).
  • Communication and Language skills.
  • Social and Emotional development.
  • Developing confidence.
  • Health benefits can aid in recovery for colic conditions, digestive problems, low muscle tone and general exercise conditioning.
  • Most of all, our sessions provide a relaxing environment!


Early Year Foundation Stages (EYFS):

All of our baby yoga classes are designed with the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) in mind.

We incorporate counting and colours in our sessions as much as we can, whilst always trying to keep our classes fun and engaging for everyone by using songs and props to promote interaction.

Sensory development:

Due to the importance of providing stimulating environments for our babies, we always include a short but especially relevant sensory time in sessions.

This sensory time is to help develop your baby's social and emotional skills while stimulating their sound, sight and touch senses. As a result your baby is more likely to be a more sociable child in their later life.

Tummy Time:

We understand the importance of tummy time for babies, we therefore try to our best to find new ways of encouraging your baby to stay on their tummy for longer!

As we know, babies can get bored and/or frustrated easily due to them feeling restricted. As a result we have developed techniques than can be practised at home, almost all of our parents who attend sessions see improvements in their baby's tummy routine hence they keep attending our sessions and even graduate onto our toddler yoga classes.

Parent exercises:

During YogaPupz sessions we always encourage all parents and/or carers to take part in some of the yoga stretches. We therefore incorporate these into every session we deliver - gentle and regular yoga can benefit everyone and it is so much more fun when you can include your baby in your poses with you.

In conclusion, our baby yoga classes are designed to be fun, relaxed and engaging!

What does a Baby Yoga class look like?

Please watch a video of our Baby Yoga sessions on YouTube, simple click here

If you are interesting in attending one of our baby yoga sessions please feel free to contact us, or FIND YOUR NEAREST CLASS as we would love to have you join us soon.

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