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In Kids Yoga Sunderland we always try to counter poor posture development from sitting on chairs and arching backs all day at school. Yoga helps to alleviate tightness and stiffness and can help prevent kids turning into adults with tight hamstrings and stooping postures.

Our aim is to gently increase the range of motion along side building the necessary strength to support children's joints, this happens over time with regular practise.
Kids yoga sunderland
Yoga incorporates breathing techniques through opening the chest and ribs which really helps children to develop - as they have smaller airways and shallow breathing their upper airways can be frequently blocked and they can tire more quickly. Controlled breathing as part of their yoga practise will therefore help with sleep, memory, concentration and energy levels for more fun!

Getting kids to practise inversions in yoga really helps with their concentration levels and focus in daily tasks, as it provides the brain with a fresh supply of oxygenated blood - these movements have great benefits to everyone including babies, toddler, teens and adults. We work towards building up to the headstand by using yoga blocks to support our heads in a comfortable position:
Kids yoga sunderland 2
We use lots of crawling poses in our sessions to ensure that your child's nervous system develops correctly - this helps to develop the neural pathways between the two hemispheres of the cerebrum.

A lot of children can feel stressed or anxious by change or pressures at school or home. Kids yoga gives them a physical, mental and emotional outlet to release that pent up stress! In our yoga classes we consistently emphasize on the positives in life and good feelings to help bring in a more positive outlook and lasting uplifting impression on the brain - we talk about our yoga adventure and discuss how it can help us in our everyday lives e.g. being brave.

I feel that kids yoga is much about the emotional development not just the physical development, that is why we always try to talk about and explore our feelings during and at the end of our sessions.
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Kids yoga can provide benefits for:

  • The Skeleton
  • Developing Joints
  • Flexibility and Balance
  • Respiratory System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Nervous System
  • Hormone Regulations
  • Immune System

If you are interesting in joining us on a Kids Yoga Adventure then please feel free to Book Here as we would love to have you join us.

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