Toddler Yoga

Compared to our baby yoga our toddler yoga classes are designed to be slightly faster paced, engaging and fun for everyone involved, including the parents and/or guardians. We encourage your child to mimic the yoga poses and stretches that you the adult are doing, the aim is to increase their own self-esteem as well as sharing, taking turns and patience.

All of our classes are designed with the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) in mind as we incorporate counting, colours and shapes into every session. We also focus on speech and language development through questioning and positive praise throughout every session - the children are sometimes encouraged to take control of the sessions and decide what song we should sing next or what animal we should pretend to be, this makes the sessions so much more engaging and fun for everyone involved.

We always try to introduce toddlers and pre-schoolers to breathing techniques early on, this helps develop their growing lungs and relaxations - we use props such as windmills, silk scarfs and bubbles to encourage your child to blow as we know that this is a difficult skills to master but children love to try:

As part of our classes we always promote relaxation and try our best to incorporate a period of time where everything is calm and peaceful, including the toddlers - this is often only for a couple of minutes or through the use of story books, however it is a vital part of our yoga session as it teaches your child how to be calm and brings them down from the highs of life and exploring:

If you are interested in attending our toddler sessions please feel free to email us so as we would love yo have you come join us.

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