Mindfulness in Kids

What is Mindfulness Sunderland?

Mindfulness teaches usĀ to direct our attention to our experience as it unfolds - moment by moment, with an open-mind and acceptance. Focusing on the now.

Regular trainingĀ has been proven to improve health and wellbeing as it helps kids of all ages to:

  1. Learn more effectively
  2. Think more clearly
  3. Perform better
  4. Feel calmer, less anxious and less depressed.

It is increasingly being used in schools with children and young people to enhance their well-being and learning.


Why is Mindfulness in Kids important?

In Key Stage 2, Mindfulness has the following benefits:

  • It promotes well-being resulting in children being happier, calmer and more focused
  • Extends their thinking skills e.g. listening, learning and engagement
  • Helps children to understand themselves better
  • Helps children to be more resilient and resourceful
  • Provide skills and understanding that can be available throughout their school life and beyond

In Key Stage 3, Mindfulness has the following benefits:

  • Greater well-being e.g. feeling happier, calmer and more fulfilled
  • Fulfil their potential and pursue their own goals e.g. be more creative and relaxed
  • To improve their concentration and focus:
    • in class
    • in exams and tests
    • on the sports field
    • when paying attention and listening to others
  • To work with difficult mental states such as depression, ruminative and anxious thoughts and low moods
  • To cope with the everyday stresses and strains of adolescent life such as:
    • exams
    • puberty
    • relationships
    • sleep problems
    • family issues
    • etc

You can read about how Mindfulness can help and what benefits are available for everyone:

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