My journey has started…

Welcome to my blog .... documenting my journey from Office Slob to Fit Yogi. The Journey-Started Today!

What is the history?

Looking back at 2017 I can see how wonderful it was, however it was fully focused on my wedding - in July I married my soul mate in the beautiful city of Paphos in Cyprus and the we had an amazing party at home in November, inside a Tipi 👰🏻


What I also realised about 2017 is that all focus was taken from myself as I transitioned from Miss Walt to Mrs Noble and from a college lecturer to a full blown software developer/engineer. I forgot about my own health, well-being and happiness!

I have always struggled with my weight, right back from when I was a teenager and I started to take contraception. I had tried every diet going and was your classic yo-yo dieter, going up and down in weight but always putting on a few more pounds every time I tried to diet.

In 2011 I had my son, Jack, and feeling like a beached whale playing on the floor with him I decided enough was enough - I had to change my ways as 15st 7lb was far to heavy and I was extremely unhealthy. I started my amazing running club, the Sunderland Strollers, and joined a bootcamp group along the sea front - this soon became a hobby and an obsession which in time led me to loose nearly 5stone in weight 🙌🏻

BUT in this last 12 months I've been extremely happy in my home life and feel I have neglected myself - causing a 2stone gain in weight since I returned from our wedding. I have again tried a number of fad diets including:

  • ActiDiet shake
  • Herbal Life shakes
  • The Keto diet

All of these diets were very restrictive, probably unhealthy and definitely not right for me - particularly because once I decide to stop them I end up piling the weight back on PLUS more!

What is this blog about? I have decided I need to make a change and start to concentrate on myself and see where my I can take my mind and body - mainly through exercise, yoga, mindfulness and meditation 🧘‍♀️

As most of you already know, I run a Children's Yoga company and this last 12 months has seen me neglect this as well as myself - this is where it all fits together.

I am aiming to spent all of 2018 focusing on my skills within yoga to see how I progress and develop, this in turn will ignite my passion for my business and hopefully lead to great things in the future. I am hoping that I will be able to find my love for Yoga again ❣️

My starting point:

I have recently been to a couple of yoga and meditation classes at the wonderful Blooming Bamboo Wellness Centre in Seaham with Zoe James - these classes really opened my eyes about where I am and where I would like to be, showing that there is a huge gap between the two!

Throughout my blog I am going to write about my thoughts, feelings and experiences whilst doing any yoga and meditation sessions, hopefully this will show you how powerful practise and persistence can be when it comes to fitness and development 🙏🏻

I am also signed up to a fab Detox Yoga course with my lovely friend Shelley Noble at The Yoga Project in Castletown - this is 6 weeks long and will also play a big part in my future blog posts.

So creating this blog will hopefully help me to remain focused and determined in my journey, I have no doubt I will hit hard times and want to give up but I'm hoping that some people will read and follow my journey and spread some love along the way 💖

Posting my starting point today is extremely difficult, and embarrassing, however I need to overcome this and just put it out that so that I can start to make the changes I need to change!

As of today, Tuesday 2nd January 2018, I am 12st 12lb and very unhappy with how I look and feel .... as of today this is going to change:


My next edition will be all about how I felt and the experience I had whilst taking part in my very first Meditation and Aum workshop.

Thank you so much for following me and showing your support.



❣️Future Fit Yogi❣️

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